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Martha Fischer (sakana@stlnet.com)
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 07:00:28 -0500

hello all--

i just stumbled upon this listing doing a net search for jean-pierre melville; it's something i've been looking for for a long time. needless to say, like everyone else here i'm a fanatic about hard-boiled fiction and films. i first came to the genre through hammett (the glass key, to be precise-- i love the movie and wanted to read the source) which led me to raymond chandler-- who is probably my favorite writer-- and there was no turning back. i also am a massive ross macdonald fan, but certainly don't restrict myself to them (suggestions are welcome!). a mondern author i recently discovered is john shannon, whose work i am very, very impressed by...film noir is another of my loves, ranging from the naked city to le samourai...

on other fronts: i'm a high school history/film (if it gets approved!) teacher and basketball/field hockey/softball coach living in st louis, mo.

that's all-- i'm really looking forward to hearing from this list!

cheers, martha sakana@stlnet.com

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