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I liked the Stan Cutler series as well, they are all out of print or publisher out of stock indefinitely. Lee Goldberg has written two mysteries about the TV biz - My Gun Has Bullets and Beyond the Beyond. I thought both were whacked out fun - slightly raunchy and tinged with dark humor. My Gun is about a mystery show, and Beyond the Beyond takes potshots at SF fans/shows.

Along the humorous lines - folks have already mentioned Tim Dorsey's book. I'm enjoying it now. He has a web site at

 I liked Anonymous Rex by Eric Garcia ( But you do have to be amused by the idea of an underground dino culture coexisting with humans.

I also liked Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn, which is one of the best books I've read so far this year. It is about a Brooklyn PI dealing with lots of problems, including Tourette's syndrome. Interesting use of language, characterizations, and also some really sly humor.

Ann -

"McHale, Steve" wrote:

> If any of you haven't tried out Stan Cutler, I heartily urge you to
> do so. His series is about an aged, once famous, politically incorrect P.I.
> who teams up with a gay journalist in solving crimes inside the movie
> industry . He's not completely hard boiled but he is very funny and some of
> the most skillful entertainment writing I have encountered in the 1990s. The
> first book in the series is Best Performance by a Patsy.

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