McHale, Steve (SMcHale@filenet.com)
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 07:14:02 -0700

> Some of the writers that will be signing the book include Michael
> Connelly,
> John Morgan Wilson, Arthur Lyons, Wendy Hornsby, Lindsay Marracotta,
> Barbara
> Seranella, Gary Phillips, Gar Anthony Haywood, Lee Goldberg, Michael
> Collins, John Shannon and Stan Cutler. I am only familiar with a few of
> these names.
        If any of you haven't tried out Stan Cutler, I heartily urge you to do so. His series is about an aged, once famous, politically incorrect P.I. who teams up with a gay journalist in solving crimes inside the movie industry . He's not completely hard boiled but he is very funny and some of the most skillful entertainment writing I have encountered in the 1990s. The first book in the series is Best Performance by a Patsy.

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