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pabergin (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 18:40:23 -0400

WASTELAND and BLUE LONESOME should both be available in $8.95 trade paperbacks from Walker. The last I heard, they were to be released simultaneously with the hardcover of NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT, which came out in June, and I've heard of no delays. Of course, that doesn't mean there were none.

Aside to Kevin of the North: My comment about Ross Mac being a one-trick pony referred to his repetitive plots. No question the guy was a hell of a stylist, but if we're going to castigate Burke (another terrific stylist) for his repetitions (as has been done here ad infinitum), it's only fair to point out that Ross Mac was kind of limited in the plot department, too.

There goes Blurbin' Bergin PB

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