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<<Little pissed, maybe, but not bitter. And he should be. Hammett - Chandler - MacDonald, indeed. Ross Mac was a one-trick pony. Oughta be Hammett - Chandler - Pronzini. Has anybody done any more for the mystery than Bill Pronzini?>>

I like to think of Bill Pronzini as the John D. MacDonald of our age. I consider that to be high praise. He is very prolific, and that is held against him in some quarters (as it was against John D.). I always get the feeling that he is having fun while telling a story. I don't get the same feeling with most authors nowadays; in fact, a lot of current crime fiction shows its stretchmarks too much for my taste.

Why don't we put _Blue Lonesome_ on our reading list, now? I have it, haven't read it yet, and would love to discuss it on the list.



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