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Forgive me if someone has already mentioned this, but there is a long article in the June issue of "Firsts" entitled "David Goodis: The American Dream in Reverse," by Laurence Miller. Besides being a thoughtful discussion of Goodis's work, it includes a lot of cover pix and a checklist for collectors. In fact, this is their annual mystery issue with other articles on Dennis McMillan Publications, and Collecting Don Winslow. If interested, write Firsts Magazine, PO Box 65166, Tucson AZ 85728-5166 or fax 520-529-5847. Back issues are $8.50 each plus shipping. Previous issues that might interest rare birds are: June 1998, Charles Willeford; June 1996, Mickey Spillane; June 1995, James M. Cain; May 1994, Chester Himes; Nov 1993, Jim Thompson. (1995 and earlier issues are $6 each.) They take credit cards and you can call them at 520-529-1355.

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