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ejm duggan (ejmd@cwcom.net)
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 10:13:43 +0000

Here's what I've got on Paul Cain--can anyone provide titles and dates for the stories in Detective Fiction Weekly and Star Detective?



Paul Cain: Bibliography
"Fast One", Black Mask (March, 1932).* "Lead Party", Black Mask (April, 1932).* "Black", Black Mask (May, 1932).† "Velvet", Black Mask (June, 1932).* "Parlour Trick", Black Mask (July, 1932).† "The Heat", Black Mask (August, 1932).* "The Dark", Black Mask (September, 1932).* "Red 71", Black Mask (December, 1932).† "One - Two - Three", Black Mask (May, 1933).† "Murder Done in Blue" Black Mask (June, 1933).† [as "Murder in Blue"] "Pigeon Blood", Black Mask (November, 1933).† "Hunch", Black Mask (March, 1934) "Trouble Chaser" Black Mask (May, 1934).‡ "Chinaman's Chance", Black Mask (September, 1935). "Death Song", Black Mask (January, 1936). "Pineapple", Black Mask (March, 1936). "Dutch Treat", Black Mask (December, 1936). title unknown, Detective Fiction Weekly 1935-36 title unknown, Star Detective Magaazine 1935-36

* Republished as the novel Fast One (1933). † Republished in the collection Seven Slayers (1946), republished 1987. ‡ Republished in the collection Hard Boiled: An Anthology of American Crime Stories edited by Jack Adrian and Bill Pronzini (Oxford: University Press, 1997).

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