RARA-AVIS: Point Blank & Payback

ejm duggan (ejmd@cwcom.net)
Mon, 02 Aug 1999 10:44:52 +0000

On Sun, 01 Aug 1999, Martha Pennigar <msmartha@earthlink.net> wrote:
> I also saw both Point Blank and Payback and feel that both express too
> much, for better and worse, the sensibilities of their times to really
> compare well.

I went to Blockbusters to have a look at the tape they had entitled Payback seemed to be the wrong one (no Lee Marvin). As I recall, it was about a bunch of crims being transferred from one place to another, and the inevitable happens (break out and shooting).

Point Blank, I think, is about a (dying?) crim who offers to tell a cellmate the wherabouts of a stash, on condition he kills a guard.

There was no 'based on a novel ...' credit on either box, although I might have the titles muddled by now ;-)

Anyway, both left me feeling uninspired, so I got out The Killing Zone instead, which is a reasonably new UK film (v. low budget) and is a lot of fun if you like swearing, shooting and non-linear narrative. (Also got out Rocketeer, which is a pulpy-style, kids adventure flick set in the 1930s that the under 12s enjoyed).


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