RARA-AVIS: May a lady say a word?

Martha Pennigar (msmartha@earthlink.net)
Sun, 01 Aug 1999 21:32:21 -0400

I also saw both Point Blank and Payback and feel that both express too much, for better and worse, the sensibilities of their times to really compare well. Marvin wins hands down for his portrayal of Parker, though. Unfortunately he's in a film way too influenced by the then new possibilities of 60s cinema. But then, so is Payback too much a product of 90s edgy, ironic, cool, indie-style moviemaking, combined with the leftover style of earlier 80s Star Vehicle movies. It felt like more of a collision than a collaboration. The character and flavor of Parker and the books, of course, lost out.

Unlike Marvin, Mel wasn't playing Parker. He was playing Mel Gibson. Parker isn't a quippy, interactive kind of guy. He's a machine. He would never trade curly-lips with a dog. He would plan for its appearance, come up with an alternative plan if it surprised him, or shoot it if it got in the way and screwed up his plan. I read where, after Helgeland left the project, Gibson shot additional scenes to flesh out the story and his character. Pity. Payback has a lot of pose and current fashion and it is a perfectly fine piece of entertainment, but it ain't a Richard Stark story. Marvin blew through Point Blank like he didn't give a damn whether or not the audience liked him. Gibson chose to wink at the audience and nudge them from time to time--aren't I cute? Funny? Cool? Mel? Maybe he should play Grofield.

And no, Kevin, I don't want to shoot you. I might want to dish out a couple of swats with a rolled up newspaper. I'll let you know. Just do me a favor. Watch LA Confidential and Payback in 10 years--oh heck, make it 5-- and see what you think.


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