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Etienne Borgers (
Sat, 31 Jul 1999 22:35:39 -0700 (PDT)

Kevin, Kevin!

My justifications for Point Blank were certainly not done to be taken as personal on your side... I just tried to give an angle on what it made that this film was a good movie. And I personally liked it way before it came to its near-classic status... And as everybody here I of course read the Parker's series as well. And liked most of them.

Mark Sullivan gave also, in better words than I could do, a further description about the values of the film especially compared to Payback. Therefore, I do not need to develop longer here.

So if you do not like Point Blank, OK it's your opinion.

But there are more urgent matters:

> Mario, Etienne, the line forms to the left. I think
there's some ladies
> from another list ahead of you.

Ladies! Kevin, are you out of your mind? Take my offer for the 22LR with revolver, it's quicker! Believe me...

---Kevin Smith <> wrote:
> Well, sorry. I like good story-telling. PAYBACK had
it, POINT BLANK didn't.
> I didn't realize that meant my tastes are
pedestrian. Maybe they are. But
> I'd rather watch a tightly-written, well-acted
episode of something like
> TV's HOMICIDE or LAW AND ORDER than pay nine or ten
bucks to watch some
> director of the "cinema" trying to impress his film
school buddies with
> technique. Wanking is wanking.

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