RARA-AVIS: Re: Payback/Point Blank

Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@colba.net)
Sat, 31 Jul 1999 07:21:41 -0400

Etienne Borgers wrote, regarding my comparison of POINT BLANK and PAYBACK:

>I think you just saw these as two stories and not as
>two *films*... cinema has other imperative
>necessities, and is far more complex, than that to be
>a success or a miss!
>Gibson a good actor? In Playback? I doubt. He seemed
>to be just preoccupied by his own promotion in that
>film and his act was an uninterrupted sequence of
>If the goal was to make Parker looks like a bloody
>psycho, then he succeded!
>The filming was professional of course, but mostly
>pedestrian, as aimed to a TV public.

Well, sorry. I like good story-telling. PAYBACK had it, POINT BLANK didn't. I didn't realize that meant my tastes are pedestrian. Maybe they are. But I'd rather watch a tightly-written, well-acted episode of something like TV's HOMICIDE or LAW AND ORDER than pay nine or ten bucks to watch some director of the "cinema" trying to impress his film school buddies with technique. Wanking is wanking.

I didn't think Porter was a psycohopath; maybe more a sociopath. But definitely not a nice guy.

PAYBACK was hardboiled pulp, made to entertain; POINT BLANK was made for film critics, I think. I think Boorman went on to make far better films. I just don't think trying to entertain is a bad ambition in any creative endeavour, be it writing, movies, music, comic books, whatever. The art comes, I think, from doing it well, pushing the boundaries, being innovative, using the medium to say new things in old ways, old things in new ways, in ways that are not always immediately apparent.

>Now, about your last suggestion, what do you prefer:
>.38, .45, or a very professional .22LR with revolver?

Actually, come to think of it, I think a sling is the desired weapon of choice for Phillistines like me.

Hey, I think Kubrick was a pretentious git, too! Though THE KILLING is fantastic. In that one, art and craft is used to tell the story, not bury it, as he did in other movies.

Mario, Etienne, the line forms to the left. I think there's some ladies from another list ahead of you.

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