Re: RARA-AVIS: Administration: List is 2.5 years old

Peter Walker (
Mon, 26 Jul 1999 17:11:39 +0000

Bill, well one of them anyway, wrote..
> I, for one, appreciate the report, Bill, although I'm a bit concerned that,
> in spite of the
> modesty so far expressed, SOME will see the number of posts as a challenge.
> Not me, of course, but...well,
Not me. A challenge? No way although I was suprised at my number. 13th! Amazing..
>it's almost August, and R-A has a tradition of July-Aug.
nonsense... So in order to add to the off topic frenzy and my number....what about the "Saprano's"? Amazing, Just hit these shores and already in the running to top HLOTS as the number one-o TV series. Anyone else love it?
> I do go on. ...which reminds me that it would be interesting to "weight"
> the posts, make up a list based on # of lines posted. Then another list
> which would order by average # of lines per post. Then Kevin Smith and I
> could be higher....
Or if we did off topic posts then I would be higher - or maybe Ned. Shouldn't we include hoar-boiled TV in the list? oh, go on. Why not? It would soice things up a bit....

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