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<<I'm not a fan of the man's work. Most of it -- esp McNally's Whatever
-- is of such poor quality that one wonders how this cat ever got published.>>

Some time ago I decided to really take a look at what I had in my shelves. The admirable purpose was to try to catch up with unread books and revisit old friends that I hadn't touched for years. I picked up a dozen or so books, a couple by John Buchan (still very good), some Wade Miller that I had never read (excellent,as expected)....and _The Anderson Tapes_ by Sanders. I recalled a passable suspense movie of the same name, and the blurbs looked enticing. Alas, the book was indigestible and poorly written, though the central idea was very good. Does anyone have a more favorable opinion of this novel?

Disclaimer for the Captain: This novel is bad but does fall within the hardboiled genre. No eggs, please.



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