Re: RARA-AVIS: The Timothy Files
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 15:09:25 EDT

> I just tried reading the Timothy Files by Lawrence Sanders. I stopped by
> page 40 or so. It has to be some of the worst P.I. fiction I have ever
> encountered. My wife has to finish every book she starts and she couldn't
> get through it either.
> It's my first attempt at Sanders. Am I not getting it?
  I like Sanders, although I've hardly read all of his massive body of work. Haven't read the Timothy Files and didn't much care for The First Deadly Sin.
 But I highly recommend his stand alone CAPER, about a female novelist who decides to plan a jewel heist because her books lack versimilitude. Sanders does a nice job writing from a woman's POV in the first person. Tight plotting and pacing. Breezy prose style. Hardboiled? Probably not, but a satisfying book that defies one to put it down.
  Also enjoyed TALES OF THE WOLF, a compilation of short stories, first person, about an insurance investigator.
  If you don't like these, Sanders is probably not your guy.
  Been meaning to tackle his MacNally series, but a little intimidated by the sheer number. My "to read shelf" is already over 4 feet long. The same dilemma has also prevented me from starting Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch stories.
  John Lau

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