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Ned Fleming (
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 02:39:51 GMT

Mark Sullivan wrote:

>He was probably at his best in River's Edge, where he acts both. It's a
>very hardboiled, and disturbing, tale based on that true story about a
>stoner who killed his girlfriend, then took his friends to see the body
>and it took several days before anyone told. The movie also features a
>great performance by Dennis Hopper, as an older guy who likes to have
>these stoners hang out at his place, with him and his inflatable
>girlfriend. He had killed his real girlfriend many years before.

Fred Ward as Bob the Nailer. Billy Bob Thornton as Bob the Nailer. Dennis Hopper as Bob the Nailer. Clint Eastwood, were he not 90 years old, as Bob the Nailer. Keanu Reeves as the (mute) janitor in the basement of the town hall in the story of Bob the Nailer.

It's not hardboiled (by my lights), but "Speed" was worth watching as an action flick -- because Reeves was (mostly) drowned out by the roar of the bus's diesel engine, Sandra Bullock has nice boobs, and because the antagonist, Dennis Hopper, was hilariously evil.

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