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Sat, 17 Jul 1999 21:08:04 -0400

Martha Pennigar writes
<<By far the best Papa sighting in print I've seen recently is in Masquerade, by Walter Satterthwait. A humorous, irreverant and very human characterization.>>

I agree. Walter's a hell of a writer. But I would also offer the "running of the Hemingways" that comprises part of Tim Dorsey's weird, twisted, hardboiled and hilarious FLORIDA ROADKILL. This un's a keeper.

Tim's a oner, and his book is going to be signed during his first public appearance as an author on July 31, one day before the official pub date of the book, at Circle Books, St Armands Circle, in my beloved hometown of Sarasota, Florida. Hotcha, hotcha! Other authors appearing that day (and I'm sure they'll sell you a copy of any their books) include Tom Corcoran, E.C. Ayres, David Ramus, RARA-AVIS' OWN Jean Heller! poet Peter Meinke, Newbery Honors winner Mary Stolz, Hemingway chronicler Frank Simons and maybe some fun drop-ins. Should be fun. All raravians south of Miles City are encouraged to attend. Those unable to do so are advised that FLORIDA ROADKILL will be available via phone orders. Contact me off list for details pabergin@gte.net PB
(Sorry if this is maybe too commercial - but important new talent needs to be recognised, and it's time we maybe shut down the dealers who think that walking out the door with a signed first of a worthwhile writer's first book means no more than an automatic quadrupling of the cover price. Ain't the way it's supposed to work.)

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