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Thu, 15 Jul 1999 10:38:04 -0700

> At the time the NOPD's activities made national news (after an officer
> murdered a witness in a case he'd helped investigate, I think), NOPD's pay
> rate was incredibly low - some cops were earning less than $20K per year.
> New Orleans' year-round population is one of the country's poorest, and
> transient tourist population comes to drink and whore. The state's
> political tradition includes the Longs, Blaze Starr, and thrice-indicted
> (but never convicted) Edwin Edwards. Given this environment, can anyone
> surprised their police might be blatantly corrupt and brutal (as opposed
> their mildly corrupt and brutal behavior in other cities)?

    I was born and raised in Louisiana, and was working there as a newspaperman when Earl Long took off with Blaze Starr. Paul Newman as Earl? No, but maybe Goodman. Or better yet, Boris Yelsin. Politics is a spectator sport in Louisiana, and a thoroughly enjoyable one.

    As for Goodman as Clete, I interviewed him once a few years ago and... Well, suffice to say it wouldn't require much acting.

    Jerry Buck

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