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<< But I have to say
 that I think THE LOST GET-BACK BOOGIE is one of the best novels I read in the
 1980s, and I'd enthusiastically recommend it to anybody. >>

Hi, I am very new to this genre and this list, having just discovered that I like it. I noticed that this writer has a series about Dave Robicheaux. Whereas I have read complaints, the beginning of the series must have been good, or you wouldn't have kept reading them. Though I like the atmospheric novels, I have one major hang-up when I am reading. I hate books that end badly. A lot of my friends get exasperated with me because I won't read a book if I know up front that it ends badly, or see a movie with the same knowledge. Do the Robicheaux books always end on a depressing note? While I'm at it, I would like to ask for suggestions for somebody new to this genre. If it isn't too much trouble, does anybody have a favorite they would like to recommend to me?



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