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Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@colba.net)
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 11:54:42 -0400

>This will sound like a pretty weird question coming from a professional book
>reviewer, but does anybody know of any good mystery series or thriller series
>- -- *other than* Kathy Reichs' -- where the protagonist is a forensic

Oh, Jean, don't bait me like that! Kathy Reichs?

A few years ago, Arthur Lyons co-write a couple of novels with LA forensic bigshot Thomas Nugucci (or something like that?). Those might be a bit more hardboiled than Reichs' offerings, which have a whole chunk of gothic woman-in-peril that, IMHO, really drag 'em down. But I'm not sure if the Lyons' books dealt with forensic anthropology or just forensics, or just being a coroner.

And didn't Aaron Elkins or something like that write a series about a forensic anthropologist called Gideon Oliver? Never read the books, but I think Lou Gosset played him in a TV movie....my guess is these aren't too hardboiled, either, but I could be wrong...oops! someone already mentioned this guy, right?

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