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>A nice place to find stories by hard-to-find or rarely-collected writers is
>the old Alfred Hitchcock PResents . . . collections published by Dell. The
>selections weren't limited to stories published in AHMM, but came from a
>variety of publications, including Astounding Science Fiction and similar
>magazines. For instance, in a couple of AHP collections I picked up
>recently, there were two Gerald Kersh stories. THese were the first Kersh
>tales I'd read. Some other little gems were included, as well as a more
>familiar name or two, like Ray Bradbury. Otherwise, a nice place to find
>writers who may never have had a "collected stories of" volume. -- Duane

I used to read these anthologies as a teenager in the late 60s and early 70s -- lots of good stories. I particularly remember Gerald Kersh's "The Men Without Bones" because it scared the shit out of me! So of course I read it aloud at a campfire on a Boy Scout camping trip and scared the shit out of everyone else, too.


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