RARA-AVIS: Mantegna as Spenser

Gerald So (gso@optonline.net)
Thu, 08 Jul 1999 06:49:10 -0400

Hello, all.

     There's a message board on A&E's website [www.AandE.com] where viewers can ask Parker questions. As of now, about 75 questions have been posted, and 70 of them complain about the casting. Die-hard fans of "Spenser: For Hire" want to bring back the original cast. They blame Parker for choosing Mantegna over Urich, and they are all WRONG.
     Parker has said that at first--like the masses--he couldn't see Mantegna as Spenser, but after screening the finished product he believed SMALL VICES was the best version of Spenser to date.
     For his part, Mantegna is a huge fan of the Spenser books. He owns the entire series and was awestruck when asked to play Spenser. Mantegna wanted Parker's personal approval before he'd take on the role.
     I've caught a few promos for the movie in the last few days, and I'll be the first to say Mantegna looks good as Spenser. Of course, these are only promos. I'll wait to see the movie as a whole.


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