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K. Harper (kharper@bgnet.bgsu.edu)
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 22:36:34 -0400

Greetings, all:

1. First, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to the Spurlocks on the recent addition to their family! What have you named your son, Duane?: Philip, Samuel, or--remembering your preferred reading--Lamont?

2. As to posting my _Flynn's_/_Detective Fiction Weekly_ history here, I'd certainly be willing to write up the more interesting tidbits once this conference is over. Right now, however, the paper isn't terribly interesting except to bibliographers: I've used representative issues to trace shifts in subscription/single-issue prices, titles (seven in 25 years, plus dozens of subtitles), advertising base, number and type of contributions, target audience, etc. Unless you're fond of statistics, it's pretty dry stuff, but the actual story of William J. Flynn and "his" magazine is fascinating. Plus, I caught the publisher playing two sneaky, this-side-of-unethical tricks with a classic 1942 novelette. Watch for details in about two weeks.

Now---gotta get back to WORK!



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