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Nicole Leclerc (
Tue, 06 Jul 1999 23:40:03 -0400

Bonsoir all,

Gill is one of my favorite series writer. The characters are strong as Bill mentioned and I find the absence of political correctedness very refreshing. I particularly enjoy the fact that politics are never clear cut and are always present - whether in the forefront or in the back - in the actions and thoughts of the characters as I imagine it must be in Ireland and that makes the books all the more believable for me. Mark McGarrity also wrote a few stand alones under his real name: Little Augie's Lament Lucky Shuffles A Passing Advantage White Rush Green Fire which has a blurb by Ellroy "A high octane thriller... tabloid timely, sexy-sweaty, vibrating with vampire venality".... which makes me wonder why I still haven't read it. Probably a few others which I missed.

A bientot, Nicole Leclerc

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