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  Re Mark's question:

". . . does the order in which you read Johnson's books matter or are they all self-contained?"

There is a chronological order to the Tony Lonto police procedurals. They are not connected in the manner of a soap opera, so they can be read out of order without losing much of the enjoyment, but they do follow a chronological sequence. This sequence is identical to the order in which they were published.

In the course of the series, Lonto goes from being a bachelor in his early 30s to being a 40-ish married man, goes through several partners
(one of whom dies in the line of duty), so if you are, like me, the type who likes to read things in sequence, you might want to read them in the order of publication.

TRIVIA NOTE: Most of you may already be aware of this, but if you're not, when Johnson won the Edgar for 1968's Best First Novel, the first entry in the Lonto series, *Silver Street*, it was one of the rare instances in which an Edgar contest ended in a tie. Johnson's co-winner was Dorothy Uhnak's *The Bait*. Both books were police procedurals. Both were about the search for a serial killer. One was by a cop. One was by a convict. The symmetry of that coincidence has always struck me. - Jim Doherty

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