Re: Re: RARA-AVIS: Black Lizard & guns in space
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 14:29:54 EDT

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<<What I love about space movies are the gigantic explosions and fireballs in outer space.

    The consensus seems to be that guns will fire underwater. Which makes sense since explosives will detonate underwater.>>

Guns will fire underwater or in space because the combustion occurs within the bullet casing, which is self-contained, not in the chamber. I wouldn't expect an automatic to function relaibly underwater, however, you'd probably get one shot before the action fouled.

Same thing for space, although, being a vacuum, I'd expect you'd find the gun's mechanism would function better and more reliably than underwater. I've never tested this myself, however.

Explosions and fireballs in space? Well, an explosion, say, in a spaceship, would probably flare visibly until the atmosphere from the ship was fully consumed... of course, you wouldn't hear it. <g>


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