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On Thu, 1 Jul 1999, Kevin Smith <kvnsmith@colba.net> wrote:

> And who was that annoying, semi-starstruck woman listed as both
> Hellman and Hammett's biographer, in the Hammett piece?

Must be Joan Mellen. Her dual biog, _Hellman and Hammett_ is out in pb now, I think, and is in fact worth a read as it does offer new insights that the Nolan, Layman, and Johnson biogs of Hammett don't have.

> And if they wanted a San Francisco P.I. to interview, why not
> former eyes turned writers like Joe Gores or Jerry Kennealy,
> both of who would probably have had a bit more insight and
> resonance than that doofus with the beard?

Big guy, trenchcoated? Probably Don Herron of 'The Hammett Walking Tour' which is a trek round the Hammett sites in SF.

I've not seen the prog, btw so the above is speculative. If anyone has a tape of it though, I'd be pleased if someone could mail me off list to discuss a loan.


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