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On Fri, 25 Jun 1999, "Douglas Greene" <dgreene@odu.edu> wrote:

> The stories that Mr. Duggan listed are "uncollected" only in the
> sense (as he indicated)that they didn't appear in the relatively
> recent cloth collections.

Yes; though I should add that I was referring to Hammett's 'uncollected'
*Op* stories (I don't know if I made that clear before).


> The only genuinely uncollected Hammett I know of are:
> "The Road Home"
> "The Crusader"
> "The Diamond Wager"

'The Road Home' can be found in Herbert Ruhm, ed., _The Hard-boiled Detective_ (along with 'The Gutting of Couffignal')
[I think the paperback version of Ruhm has a couple of stories cut from it ... or maybe I'm mixing this up with the pb/hb versions of the Joe Shaw edited collection?]

I don't know the other two stories Doug mentions: is 'The Crusader' the one with Klan robes? I can't put a story to 'The Diamond Wager' at all.

> As I mentioned, a new(ish) THIN MAN will appear next year, and
> some time ago a scenario written by Hammett for a THIN MAN movie
> was published in THE NEW BLACK MASK.

There are plenty of copies of The New Black Mask to be had on line, between about $5 - $12 each. 'The Thin Man' is split over two issues: it begins in issue 5 and is concluded in issue 6. [There were eight issues of New Black Mask in all -- I just completed my set recently].

_City_ magazine is rarer -- I picked up a cheap copy online a couple of years ago -- IIRC, when it turns up on ABE, it's priced at $50+.


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