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Peter Walker (pw@pw.cablenet.co.uk)
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 18:05:06 +0000

Now there's an idea and thanks to Mark Sullivan and James Doherty for their comments - well said. This is my last post on the subject of chocolate cheesecake...er.. Hannibal so make the most of it. One: Kev Smith is absolutely wrong (an unusual occurance but sadly true) in his assessment of Hannibal. No way is it a cozy. In reality it is a re-working of (the early) James Bond films. I joke not. In the same way "Lord of the Rings" was a re-working of "The 39 Steps" so too is this a reworking. Lector is in fact 007. A neat twist. He has his Jag (read Aston Martin), his Chateau Petrus (aka Dry Matini) and his kitchen knives (re Walther PPK). Take Lectors effortless intellectual ability on any subject - Bond. Mason Verger is basically Dr No, Blofeld and Goldfinger rolled into one (not to mention his eel). I could go on - the black humour in the killings etc - but I think I've made my point. Cozy? Gothic? Tosh. Two: Hannibal redefines writings relationship to film. It is more of a film than film itself. If it is a film script in waiting then the big joke is (and I suspect Hannibal is Harris's idea of a big joke) is that it is a film that can never be made. The excessively visual style of the book - not to mention the super violence - packs more in than any film could. Chew on that Mr De Laurentis. Three: My point of view is that, basically, yes we can all send round recipes for choc cheescake (and I have a great one by Roald Dahl) but we should stick to what the list is about. Fair enough but Hannibal has thrills, horror, excellent writing and a sublime (and tad gothic) ending. It is so much more than just another serial killer book. Just look at the responses to it. That at least seems to be a worthy discussion point here judging by the number of postings. Peter. PS One final point: Lector's epicure consumption of white truffles, fois gras and Chateau d'Yquem...he's a phsychiatrist...could this be a clue as to who'll play him in the film...Kelsey Grammer. You heard it here first.

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