Re: RARA-AVIS: The Uncollected Hammett
25 Jun 99 09:31:00 -0400

Re ED's recent post on Hammett stories recently uncollected:

"By 'Uncollected' I mean these have not been reprinted in The DH Omnibus; Hellman, ed., _The Big Knockover & Other Stories_; Steven Marcus, ed.,
_The Continental Op_ or Nolan, _The Black Mask Boys_."

Either "Arson Plus" or "Slippery Fingers" is published in Nolan's *The Black Mask Boys*, I believe. One or the other also appears in the Bill Pronzini-edited *Arbor House Treasury of Detective & Mystery Stories from the Great Pulps* (Arbor, 1983). Your list leaves out "Who Killed Bob Teal?" which, in addition to being one of the first times, probably *the* first time, an entry in an ongoing mystery series featured the death of a regular supporting character in the series, in addition to being the only Op story that was published as, ostensibly, a true crime article rather than a mystery short story, also was the Hammett's first use of the
"avenging the murdered partner" theme, essentially using a puzzle situation, and a clue which would be replicated years later in *The Maltese Falcon*. I believe "Who Killed Bob Teal?" was included in an obscure anthology of fact crime articles by well-known mystery fiction writers, but the title escapes me. Maybe somebody else on the list is familiar with it. - Jim Doherty

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