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I'm late on the thread because of pressure of other things, so I've only just been able to get to the keyboard. Anyway, AKAIK, the uncollected Op stories are these:
"Arson Plus" [The first C. Op story] (The Black Mask Oct 1, 1923)

"Slippery Fingers" (The Black Mask, Oct 15, 1923)

"It" (The Black Mask, Nov 1, 1923)

"Night Shots" (The Black Mask, Feb 1924)

"Zigzags of Treachery" (The Black Mask, March 1, 1924)

"One Hour" (The Black Mask, Apr 1, 1924)

"Women, Politics and Murder" (The Black Mask, Sept 1924)

"Mike, Alec or Rufus?" (The Black Mask, Jan 1925)

"Death and Company" (Black Mask, Feb 1930)

By 'Uncollected' I mean these have not been reprinted in The DH Omnibus; Hellman, ed., _The Big Knockover & Other Stories_; Steven Marcus, ed.,
_The Continental Op_ or Nolan, _The Black Mask Boys_.

It looks like there would be enough here to out together a collection. All it would take, I suppose, is a scanner, Adobe Acrobat, a few free days and some bottle.


BTW, I noticed _Nightmare Town_ on Amazon the other day. IIRC, Hammett isn't the only author mentioned, so it may be a collection which includes *some* Hammett, but I'd need to chack again (no contents list was shown). I wondered at the time whether it was a reissue of that old collection of stories which has Hammett as 'editor' and an introduction attributed to Hammett as well, but includes no Hammett fiction. Anyway, I suspect this soon-to-be-published _Nightmare Town_ is something different. It is kind of annoying how the Hammett collections have only about three titles between 'em---I suppose this new volume could have been called 'The Return of A Man Named Thin' just to introduce some variation ;-).


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