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I believe there are some stories that have not been reprinted in many years; perhaps even within my own lifetime. As I understand it, Ms. Hellman limited reprints of some of the short stories. I have an old Dell mapback (1946), _Hammett Homicides_ (no book collector I--it cost me a dollar in an Albuquerque bookshop ten years ago). The Ellery Queen intro states "The Op is usually described as fat, forty, and nameless. Suppose we told you that all three adjectives are incorrect. The Continental Op is not fat, is not forty, and is not nameless! The truth will be divulged later--in the fifth collection."

The fifth collection was, of course, the infamous _Dead Yellow Women_. I don't own it, though I imagine one or two of you reading this may possess a copy. I suspect the above passage was more of a tease than anything else, and I'm not sure I want to know the answers any more than I really want to see exactly what Lovecraft's monsters looked like. But it does lead me to suspect that there really are some more stories out there. Hell, it was only ten years ago or so that _Woman in the Dark_ was reprinted.

-Ckottos Nikolai

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