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On 23 June 1999, Bill Crider wrote:

: Any new Hammett collection is cause for rejoicing, but I'd bet there's
: nothing new there for serious Hammett fans. I can't imagine that
: anyone has managed to come up with anything that hasn't been collected
: at least once in the past.

I pulled this off the bibliography page we have for Hammett:

* "The Joke on Eloise Morey" (Brief Stories 8, No. 4, June 1923)
* "Arson Plus" (The Black Mask, 1 October 1923) (as Peter Collinson)
* "Crooked Souls" (a.k.a. "The Gatewood Caper") (The Black Mask (15
   October 1923)
* "Slippery Fingers" (The Black Mask 15 October 1923) (as Pete Collinson)
* "It" (a.k.a. "The Black Hat That Wasn't There") (The Black Mask, 1
   November 1923)
* "The Tenth Clew" (The Black Mask, 1 January 1924)
* "Night Shots" (The Black Mask, February 1924)
* "Zigzags of Treachery" (The Black Mask, 1 March 1924)
* "One Hour" (The Black Mask, April 1924)
* "The House in Turk Street" (The Black Mask, 15 April 1924)
* "The Girl with Silver Eyes" (The Black Mask, June 1924)
* "Women, Politics and Murder" (a.k.a. "Death on Pine Street") (The
   Black Mask, September 1924)
* "The Golden Horseshoe" (The Black Mask, November 1924)
* "Who Killed Bob Teal?" (True Detective Stories, November, 1924)
* "Mike, Alec or Rufus?" (a.k.a. "Tom, Dick or Harry") (The Black
   Mask, January 1925)
* "The Whosis Kid" (The Black Mask, March 1925)
* "The Scorched Face" (The Black Mask, May 1925)
* "Corkscrew" (The Black Mask, September 1925)
* "Dead Yellow Women" (The Black Mask, November 1925)
* "The Gutting of Couffignal" (The Black Mask, December 1925)
* "The Creeping Siamese" (The Black Mask, March 1926)
* "The Big Knockover" (Black Mask, February 1927)
* "$106,000 Blood Money" (Black Mask, May 1927)
* "The Main Death" (Black Mask, June 1927)
* "Death and Company" (Black Mask, November 1930)

Barring any bad cut and pastes, those are all the Op short stories by Hammett. Some are easily available, but have all the Collinson stories been reprinted?

The original _Nightmare Town_ (edited by Ellery Queen) came out in 1948 and only had four stories. I don't think repeating the title will cause a lot of confusion. I'm really looking forward to seeing the book. I hope it gets widely reviewed.


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