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 Enrique Bird wrote:
> 2. It is not Silence of the Lambs II or, for that matter, Red Dragon III.
I think Red Deagon was the best and the film pretty good too - who was it who played Lector in that another Brit actor. How we do these things so well.... Hannibal is a film script in wating. Didn't Harris deliver copies to Foster and Hopkins before the publishers? It was Brain cox who did the original Lector and should again....
> 3. The whole book read to me like a writer contemptuous of us readers and in
> love with his 2 "heroes" who has the luxury because of his legendary status
> and the scarcity of his writings can afforf to write what he damn pleases
> when he damn pleases.
Maybe but what the heck. The firsr two books were cut above bestseller foder and good for that but I;m not sure of how or why Harris shows contempt??
> 4. I thought the ending, particularly as to Clarice, out of touch with her
> portrayal. It seems to me that, if she was the same Clarice as before, she
> might let the doctor leave or escape but not go with him and become his
> lover/consort. If she had been brainwashed or re-programmed, on the other
> hand, it seems to me that she would have lost a big part, if not all, of her
> attraction to Dr. Lecter.
Yeah. The ending was a bit weird but the question remains - why Hannibal Lector? I've just finished a book called "my war gone by I moss it so" about Bosnia and Chechnia and Lector seems an altogether ordinary kind of guy compared to that lot. But another question suggests itself - what did Starling want and what motivated her when the FBI let her down - as her father did? The killer inside us all.....
> 5. The book itself is, frankly, most repulsive at times. Silence showed
> class and followed logic in its "distateful" segments; Hannibal shows,
> again, the capriciousness of the author and, in many places, no artistic
> restraint or control on his part.
Oh, but wasn't it wonderful. Black black humour in the demise of the Italian guy, in the pig theme, the demise of the FBI guy, Mason Verger and his sister... Another question - can there be a sequal to this one? Peter Peter

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