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I also just finished reading it.

A few disjointed thoughts:

1. It will be very hard to make a movie which will remain fairly faithful to this book; if it is, it will definitel be panned and, sad to say, probably rightly so!

2. It is not Silence of the Lambs II or, for that matter, Red Dragon III.

3. The whole book read to me like a writer contemptuous of us readers and in love with his 2 "heroes" who has the luxury because of his legendary status and the scarcity of his writings can afforf to write what he damn pleases when he damn pleases.

4. I thought the ending, particularly as to Clarice, out of touch with her portrayal. It seems to me that, if she was the same Clarice as before, she might let the doctor leave or escape but not go with him and become his lover/consort. If she had been brainwashed or re-programmed, on the other hand, it seems to me that she would have lost a big part, if not all, of her attraction to Dr. Lecter.

The sad thing is that the "sexual" and "sympathy" undertone between them is evident in Silence, both the book and the movie, and the conflict it causes in her is part of the fascination of the saga. By breaking it down and surrendering to the lust the author seems to have about his characters' relation, Harris cheapened it. He got away with 3 completely but did not satisfy here.

5. The book itself is, frankly, most repulsive at times. Silence showed class and followed logic in its "distateful" segments; Hannibal shows, again, the capriciousness of the author and, in many places, no artistic restraint or control on his part.

It seemed to me at times that the book was written by 2 different persons: the Harris we have read before and admire and a hacker filling in for a writer not so interested in producing one of the most expected books of the last 15 years.

In conclusion, I loved seeing all the old characters, liked some episodes, was happy to see both Clarice and Dr. Lecter survive and "prosper" but was appalled by many cruel episodes and by a conclusion which does not fit satisfactorily.

Enrique Bird

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> I've just finished reading Hannibal and thought it was fantastic.
> Incredible even. Amazing that a *popular* book is also so *good*.
> And as for the way it ended - amazing. Any thoughts?
> Peter
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