RARA-AVIS: Re: Hardboiled Dames (Catchin' the Katy)

Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@colba.net)
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 10:06:35 -0400

Mark asked:

>In Sunday, June 20, Washington Post Book World, "Mysteries" by Katy
>"What are they puttng in the oatmeal over in Scotland these days?
>Between Ian Rankin and Val McDermid, the country has already produced
>more than its fair share of crime talent. Add newcomer Denise Mina to
>the mix, and Scotland is beating the kilts off the rest of the mystery
>world. Mina's award-winning first novel, Garnethill, is a
>groundbreaking book that should help finally establish women writers as
>a credible faction within the hardboiled genre. Garnethill is not
>physically violent, but its emotional rawness and visceral honesty pack
>a punch far more potent than any boxer-turned-PI could provide."
>Has anyone here read it? Can anyone corroborate the rave? And, which

No, I haven't read the book, but Katy's recommendation means something to me. Judging from correspondance with her, and her frequent posts on rec.arts.mystery, she's one tough, opinionated babe, who actually has a clue.

My guess is that, at the very least, GARNETHILL, will be worth checking out.

Munger's own books, featuring white trash P.I. Casey Jones, aren't quite as hard and feisty as she is, but I think she's getting there. She should either cut down the cuteness, or take it up a notch to Shell Scott bizarro levels. As it is, they often remind me of Prather's randy gumshoe, anyway.

(Ooops! Katy's name ends in a vowel. I guess we're supposed to ignore her.)

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