Re: RARA-AVIS: Phenix City Story, et. al.
18 Jun 99 09:45:00 -0400

     Re Terrill'l post below:
     "A public thank you to Mark Sullivan for bringing attention to THE
     PHENIX CITY STORY on CINEMAX yesterday. I've wanted to see that movie
     for years and it did not disappoint. Quite an amazing picture for its
     "I'm also very surprised at how similar the picture was to the same
     director's later film (almost 20 years later!) WALKING TALL. Phil
     Karlson was one of those workhorses that explored similar themes over
     and over . . ."
     Over the weekend I saw *The Scarface Mob*. This was the theatrical
     release title of the *Desilu Playhouse* presentation "The
     Untouchables" which became a back-door pilot for the subsequent series
     Phil Karlson also directed *The Scarface Mob*, which is in most ways
     equal to, and in some ways superior to the DePalma 1987 remake. It is
     certainly sticks much closer to the real life events.
     If *Phenix City* and *Walking Tall* both deal with rural areas in the
     grip of organized crime, *The Scarface Mob* is one of the best studies
     of an urban area so encumbered, and might be considered the middle
     opus of a "one-man-against-the-mob" tryptich. - Jim Doherty

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