Tom Olson (guiness@wizard.com)
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 21:48:31 -0700

> Okay, an argument could be made about her hardboiledness, or maybe even
> about if they're funny or not, but the author herself is illiterate? "Puss
> puss," as Bacall said in HARPER.

Actually, it's "puss puss puss." She says it twice. I just watched the film, and thought it quite good. It doesn't quite capture the human aspect of Archer, the psychological complexity, (what Ellroy calls "self-pity" but what I think is conscience) but all in all not a bad flick. Subtlety is sacrificed for one-liners and sharp come-backs-- this succeeds, and I wouldn't expect much more from Hollywood. William Goldman gets the credit.

Why was it necessary to change Lew's last name from Archer to Harper?


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