Re: RARA-AVIS: Interview with Dennis Lehane

Mark Blumenthal (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 18:29:54 -0500

I read A Drink Before the War, and Darkness, Take my Hand is in my tbr pile. I thought the former unpolished but powerful. For the most part the the book has the right feel. As Lehane says in the interview his picture of the Dorchester section of Boston is as it was, not the way it is now. Gentrification and some loss of ethnic identity have changed it.

 Is Angela Gennaro a hardboiled detective? I would say she is, but I'm upset at Angie meekly allowing her husband to beat her until she stops him at the end of the book.

Here's a question for the authors on this list. Is there a reason other than infringinging upon copyrights that the Boston newspapers are called the Trib and the News instead of naming them correctly the Globe and Herald? As a native Bostonian this jars me that a book that tries to create an authentic atmosphere does this. Mark Blumenthal

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