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Mari, I second the recommendation on Divorcing Jack. I haven't yet read A Cycle of Violence, is it as good and as funny? Isn't there also a third by him?

Another funny, perverse, sick writer from across the pond, although UK, not Ireland, is Charles Higson. His Getting Rid of Mr. Kitchen is a hilarious variation on the Hitchcock/Patrick Hamilton's Rope plot, where a killer is never left alone long enough to get rid of the body.


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I have read both Colin Bateman books and all of Charlie Higson's stuff and second Mark's opinion of them. You may be interesred to know that Mr Higson is a very successful comedian and comic writer in England, if you get chance to see a show called the Fast Show on what ever channel shows import programs, do so, its hysterical. But I digress... I've also read all three of the Evanovich books, no nowhere near great literature, but I've read worse. My husband picked them all up remaindered and I polished the lot off one week. But Lauren Henderson, I love LH, I love Sam, I want them both to be my bessie mate, hell I want to be them. OK, there are shortcomings, maybe not too hardboiled for some folks. Also somewhere someone mentioned V McD showing another side of Manchester, what, the happy , family friendly, peaceful city of brotherly love? Or the sleazy, drug ridden,wet, violent cess pool we all know and love this side of the pennines. _I know which one is more interesting to read about_ You should have a go at Nicholas Blincoe, Acid Casuals,good,Jello Salad, hmm ok, Manchester Slingback, verrry good, especially if you are of a certain age that becomes all nostalgic at the whiff of heavy duty hairspray and the first few notes of the Passenger. Anyway that's about all I can think of to say on this theme. Scorchio!!! JKC

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