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Kevin Smith opines:
<<A recent Estleman might be an intertesting addition to the reading list.>>

May I nominate NEVER STREET? Estleman is certainly one of the most gifted writers continuing to work in the Chandleresque mode, and I've never read an Amos Walker yarn that I would call weak, BUT . . . one of the things that has made Walker a difficult character for me in the past is the fact that he seems so anachronistic. He's a hell of an appealing guy, and you'd love to believe that he could exist -- and be effective -- today, but it's usually a stretch.

Not so in NEVER STREET. Estleman seems to have sensed his character's weaknesses and crafted a tale that turns them into strengths. In my opinion -- which I have never been shy about inflicting on others -- NEVER STREET is one of the most artfully crafted PI novels ever written. The climax is damned near perfect, and will stick in the mind as tenaciously as the airport scene in Casablanca, the first line of Moby Dick or the specter of George Bush promising no new taxes. PB

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