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Kate Derie wrote:
> Recently read Bitch Factor, by Chris Rogers, but in spite of the title

This was nothing more than a romance. It had to be the most uneven book I've ever read. And the l-o-n-g trip from the Dakotas back to Texas; far to long (a prime example of padding). There is not a single "bounty hunter" book out there where they "do it right".
> Agree that Carol O'Connell's Kathy Mallory is hard as nails -- only
> problem for me is she's equally hard to believe. Well, I suppose she

I'm so glad you said that; I never saw what all the whoop-la was about.
But I am so reluctant to read books by women; I am usually disappointed
(Brit women excepted). Some of you may recall I made a "rule" a while ago: never read a book by a woman whose first name ends in a vowel (by this I mean a first book until some guy says it's ok).

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