RARA-AVIS: Re: Hard Boiled Dames

Sandra Hess (shess@sirius.com)
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 12:34:35 -0700

> The other day I saw a book called Black Rubber Dress by Lauren
> Henderson. Judging by the jacket copy, it purports to star as
> hardboiled as any man. Has anyone read it? Is it any good?

Have it but have not read it yet. Picked it up in England when it first came out. What about Jen Banbury's LIKE A HOLE IN THE HEAD? I have it; have not read it.
(perhaps it's time to make a macro of that sentence). Both are purported to be HB worthy. The most hardboiled female writer I can think of is Fran Lebowitz who is an AVID reader (and loves mysteries....especially Block and Mosely). Her attitude towards life and writing style *feel* very hardboiled to me. But her writings are observational in nature and not fictional, so if we're talking hardboiled fiction, which we are, she doesn't count. But, stylewise, she's on the mark.


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