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I dunno ... contemplating the times one can imagine that Mr. Steed if captured would be expected to bite into his cyanide filled false tooth for the good of Queen, God and Country ... capture being equal to failure (if once cannot procure one's own escape) all things considered and suicide an honorable action in light of the former. While a lady on the other hand is traditionally more valuable due to her child bearing and chocolate chip cookie baking abilities (to name an extreme few for brevity's sake). This causes the failure connotations of her capture to be immediately overlooked in light of the opportunity to save the damsel in distress ... something equally honorable to the ritual suicide in consequence of a man's failure to remain out of the enemy's hands.

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> As much as I don't particularly care for Sue Grafton any more, I do have
> to agree with Jerry on this. Make a mark on the wall, bring out the
> bands, start the parade, Oh, gasp. I watched the first four original
> The Avengers last night and it was always Mrs. Peel waiting for Mr.
> Steed to rescue her (remember Emma tied to the rail road tracks, while
> Simon LeGree music played in the background??). I like the ones where
> the detective . . well, detects; doesn't need the side-kick (Hawk) to do
> the things he has too much moral fibre to do.
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