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Jerry Buck wrote:
> > >Sue Grafton wrote . . . writes . . fantasies of what being a PI is like.
> >
> > Oh, good one. As opposed to the real life stuff of Daly and Chandler and
> > Macdonald and everyone else from Adams to, er, Zackel. Hey, it's
> > almost all fantasy, even from the guys who actually walked the walk, like
> Hammett and
> > Gores.
> For my money, Sue Grafton writes the best contemporary "shoe leather"
> detective stories. Okay, Michael Connelly too.
> No cowboy sidekicks shooting the way to a solution, no dreams or
> hallucinations leading the way, no baloney. Just pounding the pavement and
> talking to people and working toward a resolution.
> Jerry Buck

As much as I don't particularly care for Sue Grafton any more, I do have to agree with Jerry on this. Make a mark on the wall, bring out the bands, start the parade, Oh, gasp. I watched the first four original The Avengers last night and it was always Mrs. Peel waiting for Mr. Steed to rescue her (remember Emma tied to the rail road tracks, while Simon LeGree music played in the background??). I like the ones where the detective . . well, detects; doesn't need the side-kick (Hawk) to do the things he has too much moral fibre to do.

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