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Jerry Buck (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 07:51:43 -0700

> >Sue Grafton wrote . . . writes . . fantasies of what being a PI is like.
> Oh, good one. As opposed to the real life stuff of Daly and Chandler and
> Macdonald and everyone else from Adams to, er, Zackel. Hey, it's
> almost all fantasy, even from the guys who actually walked the walk, like
Hammett and
> Gores.

        For my money, Sue Grafton writes the best contemporary "shoe leather" detective stories. Okay, Michael Connelly too.

        No cowboy sidekicks shooting the way to a solution, no dreams or hallucinations leading the way, no baloney. Just pounding the pavement and talking to people and working toward a resolution.

        Jerry Buck

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