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On Sat, 12 Jun 1999, Mari Hall <found.dead.in.texas@airmail.net> wrote:


> Sam Jones is one of my favorite people. This book
> went out of print in the UK when it came out, and I'm
> so glad to see folks in the US find it. She's a doll
> too; Stella Duffy [now there's another hard-boiled dame]
> told me she and Lauren were doing some appearances together.
> Eddie, did you see them, was it wild???

<...delurking at sight of own name...>


Is that me?

Did I see Lauren Henderson and Stella Duffy?

Sadly not ... I don't get out much to this type of event (too many kids, too little time, such a hassle to get to London and back from the appendix-like part of the country in which I'm located, and I *hate* night driving), but more to the point, no-one sends me tickets and I'm too lazy for the muscular ligging required to secure free entry, so no, I didn't see 'em, and so cannot comment on the wildness or tameness of the gig.

> By all means invest the $12.00 in the book. You're gonna love
> this one.

_Black Rubber Dress_? Great title, good cover. OOP already? I haven't read it [yet] although I'm sure there're copies on the shelves in the local Waterstones though.

> Eddie, did you see them, was it wild???

Oh! *not* _me_! OK, disregard the rambling response then ;-)


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