RARA-AVIS: Re: Hardboiled Dames

Kate Derie (cluelass@cluelass.com)
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 22:07:20 -0700

I thought Black Rubber Dress was hilarious, with attitude in spades -- but I wouldn't call it hardboiled exactly. Amateur sleuth, for one thing--she's an artist by trade. And although she's cynical, she's pretty cheery about it--well, who wouldn't be cheery with the amount of good sex she gets. Very comparable to Sparkle Hayter, who has tons more nutritional value than Evanovitch, but isn't hardboiled either.

Barbara Seranella has certainly led a hardboiled life (a lot of No Human Involved is autobiographical) but I would agree that she pulls her punches a bit. More so in the sequel, which leaches out the suspense. Still, I'd allow her into the elite--nobody said you had to be perfect to be hardboiled, did they?

I can think of some other female writers who might qualify, and some others who don't in spite of trying awfully hard, but I'll spread it out over a day or two so's not to overdose you. Try to control your excitement.

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