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Mari Hall (
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Jerry Buck wrote:
> > > > I have not yet read Janet Evanovich
> >
> > This is a joke right?? Bounty hunter--not; funny--not. Sure it's a
> > joke. Bad writing, romance--yes, yes, yes. Why don't you get a Sandra
> > Brown book at least they are gramatically correct.
> Sorry, but I disagree with you 100 percent. Janet Evanovich's Stephanie
> Plum series may not be hardboiled. They're not great literature. But they
> are terrific books, and in my opinion her series is one of the best in the
> humorous mystery field.
> Jerry Buck

Oh, you want funny?? Read Divorcing Jack by Colin Bateman and you'll be sent to the corner for causing a disturbance. But then I'm the one who laughed all the way through Crider's Blood Marks (which was supposed to be about a vampire seriel killer) and the newest John Sandford (Certain Prey--talk about Thelma and Louise!!). Evanovich is not only -not- funny but illiterate. But different strokes for different folks. Because it wasn't we'd all be reading Gold Medals and the Black Mask boys.

from Mari Hall
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