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Mari Hall, on my comment on Evanovich:

<< Oh, goody, I thought I was the only that thought this was drivel.>>

Not so fast; I didn't say she writes drivel. I don't think a discussion of real drivel (of which there are vast quantities in the mystery-romance category) belongs in rara-avis. Evanovich is far above that, though she got her apprenticeship writing romances.

I am encouraged to try Val McDermid again; I'll pick something up on my next trip to the dime store -- our local library doesn't buy many good mysteries; apparently they have come to rely on a few patrons, including me, to donate our castoffs. In Los Angeles, my wife and I donated all our surplus books to the National Council of Jewish Women, at whose thrift-store on Fairfax and Olympic I used to pick up so many great books. For those who live in Los Angeles, check it out. The book section looks a shambles, but they get large donations of remarkably good stuff. Imagine picking up the complete works of Herbert Marcuse or a dozen Gold Medals in one trip, for a quarter each!


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