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M-T wrote:
> Mark Sullivan:
> <<I have not yet read Janet Evanovich or Val McDermid.>>
> I've been disappointed with the work of both authors. While I cannot say
> that Evanovich is actively bad (in fact, she seems to be an astute and
> skilled writer) her characters, situations, and humor do nothing for me.
 Oh, goody, I thought I was the only that thought this was drivvel.

> The one McDermid novel I tried, I found so boring that I was forced to

Now McDermid is another thing. Do you think it was a Lindsey Gordon, she was a lesbian "journalist" and this was McDermid's first series, but her PI Kate Brannigan is truely hard edged and shows a side to Manchester that many don't normally see; then she also does a "forensic psychologist" that was only two published (and Wire in the Blood was not printed in the US except by Poison Press) and will be no more. They were as good as the Harris books (the early ones).

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